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Highly Visible! Weatherproof!
EZ Set-up! 32oz Collectible Tin Mugs - $7
Our booth stands 15 feet high by 10 feet wide so its hard to miss! Our booth is made for the outdoors! Night or Day, Rain or Shine! Set-up is quick and easy, you can be serving tea in 15 minutes! One Person Operation = High Profit Margin Looks great in the day, and even better at night! $1 Refills Anytime Anywhere Show Stopper!


High Volume Iced Tea System
Custom Handcrafted Hardwood Booth
Bag in Box system means no more waste!
Flip-up Sign Marquee
Mug Display Shelf
Exterior and Operating Lights
Built In Ice Chest (holds 80lbs)
Portable Ice Bag Included (holds an additional 360lbs)
Water Filtration System
Removable Tongue
Removable Cash Drawer